BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System

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Setting a Global Standard

SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System ®

Table of Contents System Overview. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Components Conductor Wellhead Systems. . . . . . . . . . . . 3 CADA Tool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 18 ¾" Wellhead System. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Rigid Lockdown System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 18" Supplemental Casing Hanger. . . . . . . . . . 7 16" Supplemental Casing Hanger. . . . . . . . . . 8 Bit Subs, Wear Sleeves, Selectable Wear Bushings, and the Multi-Purpose Tool. . . . 9 Casing Hangers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Seal Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 18 ¾" Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 18 ¾" Seal Assembly Running Tool . . . . . . . . 13 BOP Isolation Test Tools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 18 ¾" Lockdown Sleeve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 LS-15™ Liner Hanger System. . . . . . . . . . . . 16 LS-15 Running Tool. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18


SS-15® BigBore™ II Subsea Wellhead System

18 ¾" BigBore Wellhead Housing 36" Wellhead Housing 36" x 28" Supplemental Adapter Housing

The BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System provides a highly flexible and customizable casing program designed to facilitate the drilling of wells that might penetrate shallow water flow zones and/or require several casing strings to accommodate sub-salt or small pore pressure/fracture-gradient differentials. Dril-Quip’s SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System allows an additional casing string, hanger and seal assembly (typically 18") to pass through the 18 ¾" wellhead with the BOP stack and riser in place. This accommodates drilling and running a large bore diameter casing string through shallow pressurized water sands with complete BOP control and with drilling returns back to the drilling vessel.


28" Supplemental Casing Hanger

36" Conductor 14" Casing

16" Seal • Wellhead housing designed for 15,000 psi and 7.0 million lbs of end-load carrying capacity at the bottom internal Assembly landing/load shoulders • High tensile, high bending, high load and high pressure capacity • Accommodates 27" or 30" mandrel profiles • Available with internal or external annulus shutoff • Utilizes two 22" adapters for landing 18" (3,500 psi rated) and 16" (6,500 psi rated) supplemental casing hanger systems • 5,000 psi rated 18" supplemental casing hanger system available upon request • 10,000 psi metal-to-metal annulus seal for 16" supplemental casing hanger system available upon request 18" Seal Assembly • Wellhead can pass 18" and 16" casing, casing hangers and testable/retrievable/replaceable seal assemblies inside standard 21" riser and 18 ¾" BOP stack • Capable of setting five casing strings with BOP stack control • All casing hangers and seal assemblies are run, set and tested on drill pipe in a single trip • 18 ¾" seal assembly outer lock ring locks seal assembly and casing hanger down; lock ring on 18" casing hanger locks casing hanger down • 16" seal assembly contains an outer lock ring or a lockdown feature can be added to the 16" hanger body • Maximum two million lb preloaded rigid lockdown wellhead assembly • Large cement return flow-by areas • Cam-actuated locking system running tools eliminate high torque • Bit-runnable wear sleeves and wear bushings available • Optional 32", 28", and 26" supplemental casing hanger systems can be incorporated to accommodate a secondary conductor string requirement • Alternative casing programs available upon request • BigBore features available in the SS-15ES Subsea Wellhead System (30" mandrel) • Field-proven wellhead annulus seals temperature rated for 35° to 250° F • 18 ¾" annulus seal tested with gas and compliant to API 17D Second Edition

28" Casing 22" Casing

Annulus Access Ball Valve

22" x 16" Supplemental Adapter Housing 22" x 16" Supplemental Casing Hanger

16" Casing 22" x 18" Supplemental Adapter Housing 22" x 18" Supplemental Casing Hanger Illustration depicts 36" x 26" x 22" x 18" x 16" x 14" x 10 ¾" casing program

13 5/8" x 9 7/8" LS-15 Liner Hanger

9 7/8" Casing


Conductor Wellhead Systems Conductor Wellheads Dril-Quip’s SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead Systems can be adapted to include a variety of sizes and types of conductor wellheads. Each conductor wellhead has a dual-grooved running profile for a cam-actuated running tool and a locking profile for the high pressure wellhead housing. All conductor wellheads have large flow-by areas. The wellheads are compatible with a wide range of guide bases (diver-assisted, remote-retrievable, guidelineless, drilling and completion), or can be installed without a guidebase.

Cam-Actuated Dril-Ahead (CADA) Tool

Features • Bottom has buttweld preparation • Cement return ports provide large flow-by returns through guide base • Extended bore on ID to interface with 18 ¾" wellhead bending reaction ring • Run with 36" Cam-Actuated Dril-Ahead (CADA) Wellhead Running Tool • Available in 30" bit drift configuration • Can be used with ROV ball valves

Conductor Wellhead Running Tool In BigBoreII operations, the standard Conductor Wellhead Running Tool is generally used as a handling tool to move the Conductor Wellhead and wellhead housing extension from the pipe rack to the rig floor.

CAM-Actuated Dril-Ahead (CADA) Tool The Dril-Quip Cam-Actuated Dril-Ahead (CADA) Tool was designed for jetting in large-bore conductor strings and gives the operator the ability to continue drilling out for the next casing string in one trip. This feature saves considerable time in deepwater operations.

Indicator Rod

Flow-By Ports

Lock Ring SpringLoaded Shear Pin Cam Ring

Features • Incorporates all features of the standard Conductor Wellhead Running Tool • Five right-hand rotations to release from the wellhead • Low friction-bearing surfaces carry tensile and bending loads, ensuring easy release even under high bending moments • Ascending/descending rod is used to indicate tool’s lock/unlock status • Large flow-by area provides ample returns while jetting or turbo drilling • Large ID passes maximum 10" drill collars • Stem allows 18" pick-up to restart mud motor • Spring-loaded shear pins hold CADA tool body in place during drilling ahead operations • Unlimited water depth rated • Field-proven performance


Running Tool and Rigid Lockdown Profile Center Stem

Rigid Lockdown Shoulder

Conductor Wellhead

28" Supplemental Casing Hanger System Dril-Quip’s 28" Supplemental Casing Hanger System consists of Casing Hanger Adapter, Casing Hanger and Running Tool. The system is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit customer requirements.

Features Casing Hanger Adapter with Annulus Access Dril-Quip offers a 36" adapter that provides annulus access while providing a landing shoulder for a 28" supplemental casing hanger system. A bank of ports is located in the adapter above and below the landing point for the 28" supplemental hanger. Pipe plugs and ball valves can be added to provide returns during the jetting and cementing operations, access during the drilling operations, and shutoff after the wellhead and surface casing has been installed • Split lock ring can support sinking conductor pipe up to 1.3 million lbs

Conductor Wellhead 28" Supplemental Casing Hanger System Running Tool

• Available for 28" or 30" bit drift conductor wellheads

Casing Hanger • Hangs 28" conductor from Supplemental Casing Hanger and Supplemental Casing Hanger adapter

28" Supplemental Casing Hanger

• Split lock ring helps support sinking conductor pipe after 28" hanger landed • Seals inside the supplemental adapter after landing

Casing Hanger Running Tool • Left-hand make-up and right-hand release • O-rings seal off inside Supplemental Casing Hanger • Has port and optional ball valve arrangement to facilitate casing filling during running operation

Split Lock Ring 28" Supplemental Casing Hanger Adapter

• Can be configured with check-valve arranged to facilitate pipe fill-up while running.


18 ¾" Wellhead System 18 ¾" Subsea Wellhead Dril-Quip’s SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead is designed for 15,000 psi working pressure and H2S service. The wellhead has a primary landing shoulder and unique multiple-load profile on the lower ID, which allows all casing weight and pressure loads to be carried at the bottom of the wellhead, with a 7.0 million lb load capacity. The wellhead-restricted ID is 18.510 inches. The wellhead can be provided with a Dril-Quip or customer-specified wellhead connector profile.

This illustration depicts the H-4 locking connection profile. Other profiles are available upon request. Wellhead Running Tool and Tubing Hanger Locking Profile Metal-to-Metal Ring Gasket Sealing Profile

Features • Customer-specified wellhead connector profile with corrosion-resistant ring gasket preparation • Designed and manufactured for 15,000 psi H2S service • OD has landing ring and split lock ring for locking into the conductor wellhead and can be preloaded to maximum of 2 million lbs • Primary load shoulder and multiple load shoulder profile can carry all loads at the bottom of the wellhead for 7.0 million lbs total load capacity

Wellhead Connector Locking Profile

• Provisions for tubing hanger in addition to three casing hangers • Available with annulus shutoff system • RLD system transfers bending loads to the conductor pipe °


• Temperature range 35 -250 F gas service

Locking Tabs

• Compliant to API 17D, Second Edition

Lock Ring

• Deep bucket support plate lands the top of the wellhead near flush with the rotary table

Split Lock Ring

Subsea Wellhead Running Tool Dril-Quip Wellhead Running Tools have a right-hand make-up, left-hand release, cam-actuated locking design. Ascending/ descending indicator rods are used on each tool to determine lock/unlock status. The running tools are unaffected by hydrostatic pressure and have ample exhaust and fill ports.

Features • Cam-actuated mechanism unaffected by water depth • Removable plugs provide large flow area for water fill-up and air vent • Used with Rigid Lockdown Tool to run BigBore II Wellhead • 6 5/8" API regular box up and 4 ½" API IF pin down

Hydrate Diversion Seal Seal Assembly Lockdown Grooves Bending Reaction Ring

Multiple-Load Shoulder Landing Profile and Minimum ID Wellhead Support Plate 22" Pipe


Rigid Lockdown System Rigid Lockdown Wellhead The 18 ¾" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead body incorporates all the field-proven features of Dril-Quip’s standard wellhead. In addition, the Rigid Lockdown Wellhead System incorporates a locking mechanism that preloads the 18 ¾" wellhead to the conductor wellhead. This system increases resistance to fatigue applications.

Features • Bottom of housing has 22" OD buttweld preparation • Protected seal area and lockdown grooves for a subsea tubing hanger system

Mechanical Rigid Lockdown Running Tool Stroke Indicator Plate

18 ¾" Standard Wellhead Running Tool

• Run, land, preload and lock using Mechanical Rigid Lockdown Running Tool and 18 ¾" Wellhead Running Tool using drill pipe pull

Mechanical Rigid Lockdown Running Tool The Mechanical Rigid Lockdown Running Tool allows the running, installation and cementing of the 18 ¾" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead System and 22" casing on drill pipe in one trip.

Actuating Sleeve

Features • Operates in conjunction with the 18 ¾" Housing Running Tool and runs the 18 ¾" wellhead equipped with the rigid lockdown system • Activates the rigid lockdown mechanism on the 18 ¾" wellhead

18 ¾" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead

• Lockdown is verified with position indicator plate on the OD of the outer sleeve • Drill pipe overpull at wellhead creates preload between conductor and 18 ¾" wellheads • Can create a preload up to 2 million lbs • Unlimited water depth rated – no hydraulics required


Supplemental Casing Hanger Systems Dril-Quip’s Supplemental Casing Hanger Systems provide a means of installing and sealing additional casing strings in the well bore. The SS-15 BigBore II 18" and 16" Supplemental Casing Hanger Systems provides the same weight-set, easy operational features found in all Dril-Quip subsea wellhead systems. 18" BigBore II Seal Assembly

Features of the 18" Supplemental Casing Hanger System 22" x 18" Supplemental Adapter • Positive stop load shoulder on adapter assembly captures split lock ring on 18" casing hanger to provide landing seat for the casing hanger

22" x 18" Supplemental Adapter

• Allows casing hanger to be set as liner within 22" casing • Assembly includes centralizing swedge to help align 18" casing hanger, and seal area for 18" seal assembly

18" Supplemental Casing Hanger

18" Seal Assembly 18" Supplemental Casing Hanger

• Hanger lands out on 22" x 18" supplemental adapter, and split lock ring on casing hanger transfers casing hanger load and pressure end load to adapter • Hanger locks to supplemental adapter via split lock ring 18" BigBore II Supplemental 2-403607Casing Supplemental Casing Hanger Hanger

• Hanger OD has threaded profile to accept 18" seal assembly • Contains lockdown feature on the casing hanger

18" Seal Assembly • 18" supplemental casing hanger system is rated for 5,000 psi working pressure with 660,000 lbs casing load from above, and 2,500 psi working pressure from below • Seal assembly provides sealing between casing hanger OD and supplemental adapter • Gas tested per API 6A Appendix F and API 17D Second Edition • Single trip with casing hanger and seal assembly running tool lands casing hanger and sets seal • Seal is weight-set, is pressure tested and secured by lefthand rotation to threads on top of hanger

18" Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running tool (CHSART) • CHSART runs supplemental casing hanger with seal assembly and lands hanger in adapter housing in a single trip

Adapter Housing 22" 2-403241 x 18" Supplemental Adapter


• CHSART verifies lockdown ring has snapped into place and also sets and tests the seal to maximum working pressure, with brass indicators to verify the hanger fully lands

Features of the 16" Supplemental Casing Hanger System 22" x 16" Supplemental Adapter • Installed in predetermined location above 22" x 18" adapter within 22" casing string

16" BigBore II Seal 2-411873 16” 6500 psi sealAssembly assembly

• Provides 2-shoulder multiple load profile to interface with casing hanger landing ring

22" x 16" Supplemental Adapter

• Provides seal area for 16" metal-to-metal seal assembly • Allows casing hanger to be set as liner within 22" casing • Contains lockdown groove for casing hanger and seal assembly

16" Seal Assembly

16" Supplemental Casing Hanger 2-403133 22x16” positive stop casing hanger SS-10/15 BBII

• Hanger lands out on 22" x 16" supplemental adapter, and split load ring transfers casing hanger load and pressure end-load to adapter • Hanger locks to supplemental adapter via spring-loaded shear pins • Hanger OD has lock ring groove to lock 16" seal assembly to hanger

16" Seal Assembly

Spring-Loaded Shear Pins 16" Supplemental Casing Hanger

• Seal assembly provides weight-set metal-tometal annulus seal with HNBR elastomeric backup

16" BigBore II Supplemental Casing Hanger

Load Ring

• 6,500 psi seal is gas tested to API 17D First Edition


• Single trip casing hanger and seal assembly running tool lands casing hanger and sets seal • Seal assembly has external lock ring feature to lock casing hanger down • 16" supplemental casing hanger system is also available with 10,000 psi working pressure from above, and 5,000 psi working pressure from below

16" Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running tool (CHSART)

2-414968 16” adapter housing

22" x 16" Supplemental Adapter

• CHSART runs supplemental casing hanger with seal assembly and lands hanger in adapter housing in a single trip • CHSART installs 16" seal assembly, pressure tests it, and retrieves the seal if it does not test and lock down


Bit Subs, Wear Sleeves, Selectable Wear Bushings, and the Multi-Purpose Tool In order to facilitate rig operations when running the BigBore II Wellhead System, Dril-Quip has created a set of Wear Sleeves and Selectable Wear Bushings to facilitate time savings on each phase of the drilling operation. These products were developed to protect the metal sealing area inside the wellhead, and are installed when the bottom hole assembly is run, eliminating the need for an extra bore protector or wear bushing trip. The OD of both running tool and stabilizer match the OD of the drill bit (full gauge).

The 3-D illustrations below depict the Wear Sleeve and Selectable Wear Bushing assemblies in the wellhead for: 1. Drilling out for 18" Casing with the 18 ¾" x 17" Wear Sleeve 2. Drilling out for 16" Casing with the 18 ¾" x 16" Wear Sleeve 3. Drilling out for the 1st Position Casing Hanger with the 18 ¾" x 15 1/4" Wear Sleeve 4. Drilling out for the 2nd Position Casing Hanger with the 18 ¾" x 14 ¾" Selectable Wear Bushing 5. Retrieval of Wear Sleeves and Bushings with the Multi-Purpose Tool and Retrieval Adapter

Wear Sleeve




Wear Bushing with Cup Tester



Stabilizer Sub

Wear Sleeve

Wear Sleeve Adapter

Wear Bushing Adapter

Wear Sleeve

Selectable Wear Bushing

Bit Sub Running and Retrieving Tool

Bit Sub Running and Retrieving Tool


Wear Bushing Running and Retrieving Sub

MultiPurpose Tool

Wear Sleeve Retrieval Adapter

Casing Hangers The SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System 1st Position Casing Hanger incorporates a multiple-shoulder split load ring that supplies the required end-load carrying capacity for a 15,000 psi wellhead system. The 2nd Position Casing Hanger lands on a high-load 40 degree landing shoulder, which transfers weight and pressure loads to the 1st Position Casing Hanger and helps centralize the 2nd Position Casing Hanger in the wellhead. All casing hangers have a large 14 square inch flow-by area and can be locked down to the wellhead if desired.

Threaded Profile

HL Landing Shoulder

Seal Assembly Lockdown Profile Running Tool Lock Ring Grooves Flow-By Slot


Load Ring

• 1st Position Casing Hanger rated for 10,000 psi H2S service; can be configured for 12,500 psi standard service • 2nd Position Casing Hanger rated for 15,000 psi service • All Casing Hangers rated for High-Load (HL) capacity • Casing Hanger OD profiles provide lock ring groove and tapered metal-to-metal sealing area for the seal assembly

1st Position Casing Hanger

• Casing Hangers can be configured to accommodate 14" casing and smaller

2nd Position Casing Hanger Casing Hanger Wellhead Detent Ring Activator Sleeve Load Ring

1st Position Casing Hanger being landed

Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool

Detent Ring released Activator Sleeve landed Load Ring engaged

1st Position Casing Hanger in landed and detented position


18 ¾" Seal Assembly The SS-15 Seal Assembly is weight set and provides a metal-to-metal seal between the casing hanger OD and wellhead ID. The seal assembly is made from integral structural steel, with a protected resilient seal backup, which is trapped between the metal seal lips and can never extrude. The seal assembly is radially preloaded on a tapered surface of the casing hanger. Proper energizing of the seal assembly is assured even if formation cuttings or debris are in the cement return areas. Dril-Quip’s Seal Assembly has been successfully tested multiple times without the resilient material backup and with gumbo and formation cuttings packed around the casing hanger to demonstrate its true metal-to-metal sealing characteristics. The seal assembly has also been successfully cycle-tested multiple times per API 17D with water and nitrogen gas to 15,000 psi and 250º F. The same 18 ¾" seal assembly fits all casing hangers 14" and smaller. It is automatically locked to the casing hanger during pressure testing and will properly seal. The 18 ¾" seal assembly can be retrieved, if needed, by straight vertical pull. No torque or left-hand rotation is required to release the seal assembly from the casing hanger. Seal assembly lockdown capacity is 750,000 lbs. An 18 ¾" Emergency Seal Assembly is available if needed. It uses metal lips and radially squeezed elastomer on the OD and ID, rather than O-rings, and is installed on the casing hanger in the same manner as the standard seal assembly. The emergency seal sets higher in the annulus to utilize a fresh sealing area on the wellhead and the hanger.

18 ¾" Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool

18 ¾" Seal Assembly

Dril-Quip’s 18 ¾" Seal Assembly is designed for 15,000 psi working pressure from above and 10,000 psi from below, and H2S service at 35º to 250º F, per API 17D, 2nd Edition, and API 6A class V.

2-411130-02 Rev D 18¾"

18 ¾" Seal Assembly with Backup Resilient Seal (enlarged)

Metal-to-Metal Sealing Areas

Metal-to-Metal Sealing Area Resilient Seal Metal-to-Metal Sealing Area Puller Seal

0-031114-2 11

Casing Hanger

18 ¾" Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool The 18¾" Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool used in the BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System is designed to minimize the operations associated with installation of the casing hanger and seal assembly in the wellhead. The Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool is a single-trip, cam-actuated running tool that runs all casing hangers 14" and smaller, and seal assembly within a given wellhead size. • Interchangeable between all of Dril-Quip’s wellheads within a given size • Has 1.5 million lb load-carrying capacity with 2.0 million lb carrying capacity available upon request • Seal assembly is mounted on the tool when running, providing the maximum amount of flow-by available • The running tool automatically locks down the seal assembly to the casing hanger during the first pressure test. The seal assembly is retrieved when the running tool is recovered if the seal assembly is not properly locked down • The running tool seals in the casing hanger to allow a full test of the seal assembly and the BOP stack

Running the Casing Hanger and Seal Assembly

• Field-proven performance

Casing Hanger and Seal Assembly Installation with the Casing Hanger Seal Assembly Running Tool 18 ¾" BigBore II Wellhead

Shear Pins

Release Segment released

Seal Assembly Outer Lock Ring Locked

Seal Assembly

Running Tool Lock Ring engaged

Lock Sleeve Actuator

Running Tool Lock Ring released

Seal Assembly Inner Lock Ring locked

Casing Hanger

Casing Hanger landed, cementing position

Seal Assembly landed, not set

Seal Assembly locked and tested


18 ¾" Seal Assembly Running Tool The Dril-Quip Seal Assembly Running Tool is used to run the standard and emergency seal assemblies. Since the seal assembly is weight set, no rotation is required for installation. The tool automatically tests and locks the seal during installation, and is capable of allowing a full-function BOP stack test. The tool is designed to retrieve the seal assembly if it does not test or cannot get locked to the casing hanger.

4 ½" API I.F. Box

Seal Assembly Running Tool


Lock Sleeve Actuator Lock Sleeve Shear Pin Seal Assembly


Inner Lock Ring Sealing Element

Casing Hanger

Seal Assembly Running Tool and Seal Assembly landed on Casing Hanger

Seal Assembly set, locked and pressure tested

Lock Sleeve Actuator Seal Assembly Metal-toMetal Seals


BOP Isolation Test Tools BOP Isolation Test Tool

Special BOP Test Tool

The BOP Isolation Test Tool is a weight-set tool that allows testing of the BOP stack and the wellhead housing during the drilling operation after removal of the Nominal Bore Protector. The seal element activator sleeve can only be released when the split release ring engages the minimum ID in the wellhead or wear bushing.

Dril-Quip’s Special BOP Test Tool allows testing of the BOP stack with the Nominal Bore Protector installed.

Features • Allows testing on top of the Nominal Bore Protector • Seal activation mechanism does not allow premature activation of seal element • Alternative BOP Test Tool capable of running and installing Nominal Bore Protector and test in one trip

Features • Tests the bottom of a wellhead when the Nominal Bore Protector is removed (requires BigBore II Wellhead Housing Adapter, as shown)

• Alternative BOP Test Tool capable of landing on wear sleeves

• Tests the wear bushings (after Wellhead Housing Adapter is removed) • Tests the BOP while isolating the casing hanger and seal assembly from test pressure • Can be landed on top of a casing hanger with wear bushing removed (seal assembly is isolated from test pressure)

Special BOP Test Tool

• Seal activation mechanism does not allow premature activation of seal element • Through-bore tool eliminates possibility of over-pressurizing casing • Ample flow-by area facilitates running and prevents swabbing when the tool is retrieved BOP Isolation Test Tool fitted with BigBore II Wellhead Housing Adapter

• 4 ½" API IF box up and 4 ½" API IF pin down


18 ¾" Lockdown Sleeve The Lockdown Sleeve lands on the production casing hanger and locks the casing hanger to the wellhead housing. This prevents oscillations of casing hanger and seal assembly from thermal pipe expansion and annulus pressure.

Features • Profile on upper end of the Lockdown Sleeve is used for attachment of the running tool • Lockdown mechanism on upper OD of Lockdown Sleeve is activated by the running tool • Lockdown mechanism is adjustable based on the reading obtained by the lead impression tool and can accommodate a casing hanger landing up to 5/8" high

Lockdown Sleeve Running Tool

• Lockdown function operates via actuation sleeve that drives out a lockdown ring into the lockdown groove profile in the 18¾" wellhead housing • Metal-to-metal seal on lower end of Lockdown Sleeve is mechanically trapped in place and is used to seal off the upper bore of the uppermost casing hanger • Seal has been successfully tested with gas per API 6A PR-2 requirements with zero leakage • Lockdown Sleeve’s upper ID seal surface is lined with Alloy 625 for corrosion resistance • Lockdown Sleeve interfaces with the subsea tree’s stab sub to isolate the VX cavity and production hanger pack-off

Lockdown Sleeve Seat Protector The Lockdown Sleeve Seat Protector is a wear bushing device used to prevent damage to the seal area and lockdown mechanism of the lockdown sleeve. • Run and retrieved with the 18¾" Multi-Purpose Tool and lockdown Sleeve Seat Protector running/ retrieving adapter • Seat Protector’s minimum ID matches the minimum ID of the Lockdown Sleeve • Upper funnel allows for easy guidance of downhole tools.


Lockdown Sleeve Seat Protector

Lockdown Sleeve

LS-15™ LINER HANGER SYSTEM Dril-Quip’s LS-15 Liner Hanger System is available with all of Dril-Quip’s Wellhead Systems. The LS-15 Liner Hanger products are built to perform under a wide range of conditions, and are ideally suited for long reach, high angle, horizontal and ultra-heavy liner completions. This premium liner hookup incorporates many innovative tool designs, ensuring reliable operation and service in many of today’s most demanding wells.

LS-15 System Features The LS-15 Liner Hanger System features field-proven technology that incorporates the following:

Tie-Back Receptacle Castellated Profile to engage clutch of running tool Running Adapter Lock Ring Profile Shoulder to push liner hanger into hole Profile for Locking Cement Bushing (LCB)

• High strength, high pressure, high load-carrying capacity • Metal-to-metal Annulus Packer Seal for high pressure service • No hydraulic or mechanical devices on the hanger body, minimizing leak paths • Large slip area and controlled friction minimizes stress in the supporting casing

Body Lock Ring One-Piece C-Ring Hold-Down Slip (Optional)

• All hangers are automatically centralized when C-Ring Slip is set • Bypass flow area is the same after setting the liner hanger slip as in the running-in position • Maximizes circulating flow-by areas for efficient cementing operations • The LS-15 Liner Hanger System can be sized and configured to customer specifications

LS-15 Packer Seal Features

Body Lock Ring Pusher Sleeve LS-15 Metal-to-Metal Packer Seal Packer Cone

• Integral, one-trip metal-to-metal sealing design • Anti-swab design for faster running speeds and higher circulating rates, and resists mechanical damage while running

Slip Cone

• Standard service for many sizes is 10,000 psi at 400°F. Higher pressures are achievable and are only limited by the capacity of the packer mandrel and casing

Rotational Option With the addition of a rotating bearing assembly, the LS-15 Liner Hanger can be rotated with the slips in the set position during the cementing operation. This feature can assist in completing a successful cement job.

One-Piece C-Ring Hang-Off Slip

Casing Connection


The LS-15 System Incorporates a Unique Hanger Slip Design Dril-Quip’s proprietary one-piece C-Ring HangOff Slip has been developed to greatly reduce the amount of hoop stress placed on the supporting casing by the liner load. Dril-Quip’s circumferential slip design distributes the liner load much more evenly around the casing than conventional multislip segment hanger systems. The C-Ring Slip also incorporates a method of controlling the One-Piece C-Ring Slip friction between the slip and the hanger body. This “controlled friction” design redirects hoop load into axial load, drastically reducing the collapsing load on the hanger body and burst pressure on the casing. This combination of stress loading permits the LS-15 Liner Hanger System to hang longer and much heavier liners than possible with conventional technology. Slip




Hanger Cone


The Liner Hanger is run to total depth with the slip in the retracted, running position.

Hanger Cone

When released from its locked-down running-in position, the slip will spring open and come into contact with the ID of the supporting casing.



3 Hanger Cone

4 Casing

The hanger body is then slacked off onto the slip. The sharp teeth on the slip will secure the Liner Hanger to the supporting casing. At light loading, the dull inner slip teeth will not yet grab the cone as it slides behind the slip.



Hanger Cone


As the loading increases and travel progresses, the inner teeth begin to form small shoulders on the Liner Hanger slip cone. As the shoulders increase in size, the downward travel of the Liner Hanger is stopped before loading gets high enough to collapse the Liner Hanger body or burst the supporting casing.

LS-15 R unning T ool LS-15 Running Tool • The system incorporates high torque capacity for drilldown, wash-down applications and rotation during cementing operations • The running tool incorporates a port isolation system that eliminates the possibility of prematurely setting the slip, or releasing from the hanger while running into the hole • The hydraulics to set the liner hanger slip are built into the running tool, not as part of the hanger system, eliminating the need for a hydraulic port through the body of the liner hanger • The running tool is hydraulically released from the liner hanger and also incorporates a unique right-hand hydromechanical secondary release

Running Procedures

Lower Ball Seat Torque Clutch Drill Pipe Connection

Load Ring

Hydraulic Release Assembly

Torque Key for Secondary Release Junk Basket

Locking Cement Bushing

Slip-Releasing Assembly

Slick Joint

In order to solve many of the problems encountered during liner installation, Dril-Quip has simplified the running procedures of the liner hanger for exceptional ease of use.

Upper Ball Seat w/ Port Isolation

1. Trip into hole to liner setting depth. 2. Launch setting ball from cementing manifold, pump ball to seat in running tool. 3. Pressure to 1,000 psi, shift the port isolation sleeve and release liner hanger slip, slack off liner weight onto slip.

Extension Joint

4. Pressure to 2,000 psi to release running tool from liner hanger. 5. Reduce drill pipe pressure to 500 psi to accomplish soft release of setting ball. Pick up drill pipe string approximately 4” to check for release of running tool which is confirmed when drill pipe pressure bleeds off. 6. Slack off weight onto hanger to reseat running tool. Re-establish circulation, pump cement. 7. Launch pump-down plug from cementing manifold and displace to liner wiper plug. 8. Pressure to 1,000 psi, release the liner wiper plug from the running tool. 9. Continue fluid displacement and pump the plug set to landing collar.

Packer Setting Assembly Ball Diverter

10. Pick up running tool to release packer setting assembly and slack off weight to set packer seal. 11. Pressure down the annulus to pressure assist setting and testing the packer seal. 12. Pull out of hole with running tool.

Plug Release Assembly Liner Wiper Plug

Wiper Plug Cover





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Alexandria, Egypt Tel (20) 3 450 0507 Fax (20) 3 450 0508

6401 North Eldridge Pkwy. Houston, Texas 77041 Tel (713) 939 7711 Fax (713) 939 8063

New Orleans, Louisiana Tel (504) 522 5566 Fax (504) 522 4426

Stoneywood Park, Dyce Aberdeen, Scotland, UK AB21 7DZ Tel (44) 1224 727000 Fax (44) 1224 727070

Stavanger, Norway Tel (47) 51 443700 Fax (47) 51 443701 Beverwijk, The Netherlands Tel (31) 251 22 9250 Fax (31) 251 22 0044

DRIL-QUIP Denmark Esbjerg, Denmark Tel (45) 7518 0944 Fax (45) 7518 0640

Shekou, P. R. China Tel (86) 75 5268 97137 Fax (86) 75 5268 97134

Zahraa El-Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Tel (20) 22 753 8809 Fax (20) 22 753 8907

DRIL-QUIP Nigeria, Ltd. Port Harcourt, Nigeria Tel (234) 84 463866 Fax (234) 84 463649 DRIL-QUIP (Ghana) Ltd.

Takoradi, Ghana Tel: (233) 0 31 200 2310 012015

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No. 80 Tuas West Drive Singapore, 638417 Tel (65) 6861 0600 Fax (65) 6861 5700

DRIL-QUIP Oilfield Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tanggu, Tianjin, P. R. China Tel (86) 22 2580 7466 Fax (86) 22 2580 7130

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel (60) 3 2615 0155 Fax (60) 3 2168 4201

D.Q. Holdings Pty., Ltd. Perth, Australia Tel (61) 8 9322 8600 Fax (61) 8 9322 8500


Doha, Qatar Tel (974) 4460 4840 Fax (974) 44417041

DRIL-QUIP Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Tel (62) 21 729 0612 Fax (62) 21 720 1513

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