Discovering Your Blend of Success. Improving Your Serve

1 Improving Your Serve2 3 Growing Through TDS Trouble, Disappointment, and Stress June 20, :45-2:454 There are Three Continuous Activities we must Com...

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Discovering Your Blend of Success

Improving Your Serve

Discovering Your Blend of Success

Discovering Your Blend of Success

Growing Through “TDS” Trouble, Disappointment, and Stress June 20, 2017 1:45-2:45

Discovering Your Blend of Success

There are Three Continuous Activities we must Commit Ourselves to in order to overcome the TDS Syndrome. These Activities Will Increase our Souls Immune System Against the Debilitating Effects of TDS Activity One: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Activity Two: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Activity Three: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Focus on Raising the BAR of being a “CSP” Customer Service Professional Focus on your B __________________________________ Focus on your A __________________________________ Focus on your R __________________________________

Discovering Your Blend of Success

How to Become A Super Connector to Get Things Done “Winning the Heart before Asking for the Hand” June 20, 2017 3:00-4:00

Discovering Your Blend of Success The Seven Points of Connection Every Great Leader Understands “A leader wins a heart before asking for a hand” Learning and deploying the skill of connection is one of the most essential skills of leaders. A leaders level of mastery of connection determines the duration, quality, and depth of the team. People will stay longer, serve, and participate at greater levels to the degree that the leader deploys their skill of connection. True connection begins through the heart before asking for a hand. 1. C___________ with yourself Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? You must know you before you can effectively know others. Becoming at home in your own skin will produce a higher level of confidence from others towards you. 2. Be __________ and ____________ with others Are you open enough to be transparent about your shortcomings? A proper level of vulnerability serves as an equalizer with others and will help others to relate to you. 3. L__________ who you are Make sure you live what you ask. Integrity breeds trust. Trust breeds’ confidence and confidence strengthens connection. 4. K__________ who you are leading Knowing those you are leading is accomplished through listening twice as long as you speak. When you know them and can meet their needs, they will connect to you and your heart. Then what is yours is theirs also. 5. C__________ where they are and in their language How do you come across to your people? Communication is more about what others see, hear, and feel and less about what you say. If you’re condescending they will begin to resent you and your intentions. When you communicate where they are, they will come to respect you.

Discovering Your Blend of Success

6. B__________ in your people It is the primary mission of a leader to set people up for success. You lead people and they are the organization, not the other way around. This means you must invest trust through time in your people before they will demonstrate loyalty to the mission and purpose. 7. Offer __________ and __________ You must be inspiring to your people as you communicate and lead them. You will gain much more ground through positive and hope-filled communication than by being negative. Even gloomy facts can be communicated with hope when thought through before being said to the team.

Learn The Language of Your Staff Understanding our Soul




Discovering Your Blend of Success Understanding Communication Modalities of the Soul Modality

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic


Percentage of People

People who primarily use their eyes to perceive the world and trust the images they see as a basis for decisions People who primarily use their ears to perceive the world and who depend on the spoken words for their information that determines their behavior People who “feel” their way through their experiences. They use their feelings to make their life decisions

Actively Listen A.Be present B.Paraphrase C. Ask Questions that encourage a Sentence Answer D. Avoid Judgment E.Talk Less, Listen More Create Connective Communication 1. Ask what’s working well 2. Ask what can we do to get even better 3. Ask what would be the "Ideal" 4. Ask what do you believe is the best way to continue this growth

✔ Praise Progress ✔ Focus on What’s Right ✔ Use “Yes And”, “Yet” rather than “But”

______ ______


Discovering Your Blend of Success

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Discovering Your Blend of Success

Discovering Your Blend of Success

How To Serve Through Connective Communication

June 20, 2017 4:15-5:15

Discovering Your Blend of Success

How To Serve More People Through Connective Communication Gate #1

Everyone wants C________________

Gate #2

Everyone needs U________________

Gate #3

Everyone needs L________________ and A________________

Gate #4

Everyone wants to be S________________

Gate #5

Everyone needs to G________________ and P________________

Gate #6

Everyone wants to be a C________________

Gate #7

Everyone experiences F________________

Gate #8

Everyone is a bit V________________

Gate #9

Everyone is a bit A________________

Gate #10 Everyone is a bit K________________ Gate # 11 Everyone experiences the effects of going to the ________________ Gate # 12 Everyone has their own P________________ or D________________

Everyone Lives behind Their own walls

Discovering Your Blend of Success

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Discovering Your Blend of Success

Discovering Your Blend of Success

Choose Your Day Moaning Monday Tragic Tuesday

Terrible Thursday Frustrating Friday Sulking Saturday Sad Sunday

Or /


People, Circumstances, Mistakes, Failing, nor Disappointments choose our day. We Do!

Satisfaction Saturday Fabulous Friday Tremendous Thursday Winning Wednesday Thoughtful Tuesday Majestic Monday Set-Up Sunday

Choose Your Day

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Whining Wednesday

Discovering Your Blend of Success

Discovering Your Blend of Success Today’s Evaluation ILSNA I attended [] Overcoming TDS [] How to Connect with Staff [] Connective Communication

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