Oregon Community Partner Streamlined Recertification Process. Benefit Year 2015 Getting Started Guide

1 Oregon Community Partner Streamlined Recertification Process Benefit Year 2015 Getting Started Guide2 Agenda Transition Project Updates Defining Ter...

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Oregon Community Partner Streamlined Recertification Process Benefit Year 2015 Getting Started Guide

Agenda • • • •

Transition Project Updates Defining Terms Oregon Recertification Requirements Registering for and Completing the Federal Training • Certificate of Completion • Outreach Team Contact Information

Transition Project Updates Beginning November 15, 2014: • Most Oregonians will be directed to www.healthcare.gov for the application and eligibility determination process (regardless if Oregon Health Plan/Healthy Kids or QHP-eligible). They will get a real time eligibility determination. • Some Oregonians will go through the Oregon Health Authority to apply for OHP/HK • Oregonians go to www.oregonhealthcare.gov, answer screening questions, directed where to apply

Defining Terms Some of the terminology utilized by the Federal Marketplace is different than what we typically use in Oregon. Here is how Oregon defines the following: • Community Partner: An organization that has an ongoing agreement with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to provide application assistance. • Application Assister: Staff/volunteer working under a Community Partner organization (with an ongoing agreement) that has been certified to assist Oregonians with the health coverage application process. • Certified Application Counselor: Certified Application Counselor is the new term used through the federal government to describe Oregon Application Assisters. Oregon’s Application Assisters are required to complete the Certified Application Counselor Curriculum, Benefit Year 2015.

Defining Terms • Marketplace Medicare Learning Network (MLN): The website Application Assisters utilize to access the Federal Marketplace training, Certified Application Counselor Curriculum, Benefit Year 2015; https://Marketplace.MedicareLearningNetworkLMS.com. • MLN Login ID: Used for training registration through the MLN system. Each Application Assister has a unique ID. In Oregon, Application Assisters can create their own unique IDs, using the prefix OR. (Ex: ORJohnDoe) • Organization ID: The ID that Community Partner organizations have been assigned in order for their Application Assisters to be granted access to case information through OHA. • Assister ID: A unique ID that is assigned to individual Application Assisters by OHA’s Business Team. This ID will be used when contacting OHA for case information. • Benefit Year 2015: During open enrollment (November 15, 2014-February 15, 2015), Oregonians can apply for and enroll in QHP coverage for calendar year 2015.

Oregon Recertification Requirements Community Partner Organizations: • Current OHA agreement • Account creation Once met: • Assigned new, 4-digit Organization ID – For organizations with more than one location but operating under one Tax Identification Number, one organization ID will be assigned

Oregon Recertification Requirements Application Assisters: • Staff/volunteer of a Community Partner organization (with a current OHA agreement) • Oregon training • Federal training • Current criminal background check; finger prints • Confidentiality agreement Once met: • Assigned 7-digit Assister ID (ex: OHAT001)

Oregon Training • Watch for updates! – Slated for release in October

• Taken in-person or by webinar • Includes specific information about processes unique to Oregon • 4-hours in length

Federal Marketplace Training • Titled: Certified Application Counselor Curriculum, Benefit Year 2015 • Accessed through the MLN System • Available online now • 4-5 hours in length (taken at own pace)

Registering for and Completing the Federal Training

Create Training Account Step 1: Open an Internet browser and go to the MLN website: https://Marketplace.MedicareLearningNetworkLMS.com

Create Training Account Step 2: Select the Create Account link

You are taken to the Create New Account page:

Create Training Account Step 3: Create your MLN login ID, set your password and complete all required fields MLN login ID: • All MLN login IDs must begin with the prefix OR • You may then customize the remainder of your MLN login ID • Example: ORJohnDoe Password: Your password must contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one special character.

Create Training Account Required Fields: • Select your User Type/ User Role as “Certified Application Counselor – Individual Market and SHOP.” • Select “Employer” as the Organization type using the drop down menu. • Leave the NPN# field blank. • Click the Select link next to Organization. • When the Select Organizations pop-up window appears, leave the search field empty and click the Search button. • Select “Marketplace” as your organization and click the Save button. • Select Primary and Region languages. • Select “(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada); Tijuana” Time Zone. • Select # of Records (per page) that you would like to view. • Click the Create button. Wait 15 minutes; Curriculum will be auto-assigned to your account

Create Training Account If all the information was entered correctly, a welcome screen will appear.

Each time you return to the MLN website, you must enter your MLN login ID and password.

Complete the Training Step 1: Enroll in and access the Certified Application Counselor Curriculum, Benefit Year 2015

1) Go to https://Marketplace.MedicareLearningNetworkLMS.com 2) Login with your username and password 3) Click My Upcoming Learning page 4) Click the “Certified Application Counselor Curriculum, Benefit Year 2015” hyperlink

5) Click Enroll

6) Click Access Item

Complete the Training Step 2: Complete the courses. Must be taken in sequential order: 1. Training Overview 3. Marketplace Eligibility and Application Assistance 6. Marketplace Affordability and Assistance Programs 8. Marketplace Enrollment and Appeals Assistance 10. Marketplace Exemptions Assistance 12. Privacy, Security and Fraud Prevention Standards

1) Click the course hyperlink

2) Click Enroll

3) Keep the default settings the same and click Enroll

4) Click Open Item

5) Proceed with course at own pace IMPORTANT: • If you leave before completing a course, your place will be bookmarked and you will be able to continue from that point when you return. To leave, click the “Exit” button on the top right; simply closing your browser will not bookmark your session, and you will have to start the course over from the beginning. • When you return to the training after logging out, you will see any courses you have started as well as those you have completed.

Complete the Training Step 3: Complete the exams. • Each course has a corresponding exam. You must complete the exam before you can advance to the next course. • If you leave before completing an exam, your place in the exam WILL NOT be bookmarked and you will have to start the exam from the beginning.

1) Click Training Home page

2) Click the Certified Application Counselor Curriculum, Benefit Year 2015 hyperlink

3) Click the course exam hyperlink (note that the exam hyperlink will only be active if you have already completed the corresponding course)

4) Click the Enroll and Open Item buttons to begin the exam

5) If you successfully complete an exam, you will see a Congratulations page

IMPORTANT: • When exiting an exam, be sure to use the Exit button found in the top right corner of the exam window. • If you close the window using your web browser’s exit button, your exam results may not register with the MLN website and you may be required to retake the exam.

Certificates of Completion After exiting each exam, click the View Certificate button to view your certificate of completion for that exam. Print these for your records.

Submitting Final Certificate of Completion The primary contact for each organization should submit PDFs of all Application Assisters’ final Certificates of Completion for the Privacy, Security and Fraud Prevention Standards Exam to the OHA Business Team at [email protected]: • The subject line of the email must read: Training Certificates of Completion • In the body of the email include all full legal names of Application Assisters and organization name • Attach your final certificates of completion for the Privacy, Security and Fraud Prevention Standards Exam in PDF format

Stay Informed! In order to stay up-to-date as the transition work evolves, we suggest the following: • Regularly visit and participate in Groupsite • Read the Community Partner e-newsletters • Attend your county collaborative meetings • Watch for other announcements regarding training and continuing education opportunities

Outreach Team Contact Information Management/Operations: • Oliver Vera, [email protected] • Susi Simons, [email protected] Business: • Perry DeJoode, [email protected] • Jen Denslow, [email protected]





Betse Thielman

Provider Campaign Coordinator


[email protected]

Antonio Torres

Community Engagement Coordinator


[email protected]

Marina Cassandra

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Gilliam, Hood River, Morrow, Sherman, Umatilla, Wasco, Wheeler

[email protected]; 503-269-7014

Colette Gillies

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Coos, Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Douglas, Lane

[email protected]; 503-932-8601

Ruby Graven

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Lincoln

[email protected]; 503-884-1175

Chris House

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Benton, Linn, Marion, Polk, Yamhill

[email protected]; 503-269-7078

Jon McDaid

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Clackamas, Multnomah Washington

[email protected]; 503-269-0880

Kelly Paige

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Grant, Harney, Malheur, Union, Wallowa, Baker

[email protected]; 503-347-8767

Josie Silverman

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Clackamas, Multnomah Washington

[email protected]; 503-269-7092

Deanna Simon

Regional Outreach Coordinator

Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, (except Warm Springs), Klamath, Lake

[email protected]; 971-301-3123


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